Working in Travel: The Top Job Hazards You’ll Encounter.

June 17, 2019

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Working in travel usually has certain romantic notions attached to it; the work you do is letting travellers see the world, meet new people, and uniting loved ones!

After four years of being in this space, asides from the good stuff, I’ve also realized that there are certain hazards that come along with the job.

If you already work in travel: virtual fist bump if you can relate.

If you’re thinking of working in travel: take heed!

1. Suddenly you’re everyone’s personal travel planner.

Acquaintances you haven’t spoken to in years send you that random WhatsApp on a weekend afternoon going,

“Hey, how you doin’? By the way…”

(enter ask for the best deals on their honeymoon / birthday / sabbatical flight tickets).


The best advice I can honestly give is to have a look on Skyscanner. (Disclaimer: I work at Skyscanner!)

2. No one understands you because you only talk in three-letter city codes.

Friends look at me funny when I describe my travel plans for this June, “I’ll be flying from OKA back to SIN, then to BCN for a quick holiday, followed by GLA for work and finally PAR before heading back home”.

“Sonia just speak English.”

3. Saving becomes impossible because all your money gets spent on travel.

It’s not easy looking at amazing destinations Monday to Friday.

That wanderlust craving is worse than the want (need) for chocolate when I’m hormonal.

Most people impulse buy shoes — I impulse buy cheap flights.


Do you work in travel? What other job hazards have you encountered?


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