Why you can have your cake AND eat it: even when you’re going gluten, dairy and egg-free

March 31, 2019

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People give up certain food types for all sorts of reasons – allergies, ethics, climate-change, general well-being.

But does giving something up necessarily mean deprivation?


When I chose to give up on gluten, dairy and egg for well-being reasons (aka, GOOD BYE BLOATING), the first reactions I got from everyone was:

“OH MY GOD, but.. how could you give up on CAKE? PIZZA? PASTA?”

Essentially, what they were saying was: “You’re not religious, nor will these foods kill you. Why would you actually choose to deprive yourself of everything good in this world!?

My vegetarian and vegan friends must deal with something similar all the time…


Honestly, I struggled with the same questions.

I was slightly depressed when first presented with evidence that these foods just didn’t play nice with my body, even if my heart wanted otherwise.

Plus, I’m French.

Giving up GDE (short for gluten / dairy / egg) would mean…

No baguettes? No cheese? No crepes?

Who am I anymore?!


And then I started to question the initial reactions.

Is that really the right perspective on it?

  1. Firstly, the assumption that these things were good.Cake, for example, is often touted as the ultimate indulgence in ‘pleasure’ – but is that just expected enjoyment rather than actual enjoyment?

    Does filling my body with useless sugar that only makes me feel bloated, nauseous and eventually worse about myself really making me feel as good as I expect it to?

    This deprivation was actually liberating me from false expectations fed to me by Evil Marketing Powers.

  2. Secondly, the assumption that you have to give up on them at all.I’m a huge lover of desserts, and I’ve spent some time looking for better alternatives that satisfy my sweet tooth because – let’s face it.

    Just because I’m going GDE-free doesn’t mean freshly baked cookies stop smelling good (looking at you, famous Amos).

    So instead of never having cake again – I’m delighted to share that I’ve found sweets that meet my dietary requirements and still taste insanely good.

    And look Insta-worthy for a close up, too.

    Just look at these marvellous creations from Delcies’, a bakery I was delighted to find out was just a short walk from where I stay:

A delicious looking cake
Photo credits to Delcies’


Can you believe this ‘cheesecake’ is vegan, diabetic-friendly and gluten free!?

(Yes, quite a mouthful)

Check out the menu of all my future birthday cakes here: https://delcies.com/menu/


  1. There’s also the assumption that a restrictive diet can’t taste good.“Are you just having rabbit food all the time?”

    Not at all. Even a more restrictive diet like going vegan can be incredible tasty.

    And with brands like ‘Impossible Foods’ coming in, it’s becoming easier than ever.

    Best of all, everyone can enjoy even the most restrictive cuisines.

    I might not be able to share your croissant (good for you) – but you could have a slice of my GDE banana bread! 


Dietary restrictions does not = enjoyment restrictions.

It’s also a lot easier and more enjoyable than you might first think.

Thinking of giving up a certain food group for any reason?

Let me know in the comments!

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