The best deodorants to keep you fresh and anxiety-free even in this crazy humidity

April 8, 2019

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Living in Singapore, there’s one thing we have to deal with every day:

Sweating all the effing time.

Here are three things every person living in Singapore can relate to:

  1. Not bothering with facial products, because it melts off your face (or for the ladies, waterproof makeup)
  2. Constantly feeling the need to shower – even after a shower
  3. Avoiding certain colours of clothing because “sweat patch”

My first winter was a revelation  – not because of the white stuff, but because feeling fresh and dry in an ‘au naturelle’ (no A/C) environment was ACTUALLY POSSIBLE.

So that brings me to a very real issue:

With great sweat comes great anxiety.

I border on obsession with fretting about how I smell.

I can see my sweat patches, but I’m acutely aware that one often isn’t the best judge of one’s own smell due to desensitization.

And so that’s sent me off on a mission to find the most effective deodorant on earth.

I’m pleased to share that after many years of experimentation, here’s the best yet.


Here’s why I can truly put my hands up in the air, and wave ‘em like I just don’t care

After going through a ton of brands, I’ve settled on a combination of these two for maximum effectiveness.

1. Nuud Care, from $12.95 euro

Nuud care draws its effectiveness from a patented silver-based formula and boasts being effective between 3 to 7 days from a single application.

For myself, I find it works for 2 to 3 days depending on how active I’ve been.

On top of that, it’s also vegan, produced sustainably and has certified CO2 neutral distribution.

Pretty impressed!

Link to Nuud’s site

Image from iOS (3)

2. No Pong, from $12 from Lazada

Asides from the lol-worthy name, this creamy deodorant is easy to apply and doesn’t melt in the heat.

I use No Pong once daily, combined with Nuud (applied every 3 days), for a maximum sense of security.

When used by itself, I find No Pong is best when re-applied throughout the day.

Link to Lazada

PS: get cash back when you purchase via Lazada’s app with Shopback! Read the post where I review Shopback.

Image from iOS (2)


What I look for in a deodorant:

1. No aluminum or alcohol

These irritate my skin.

2. Doesn’t ruin my clothes

Experimenting with a charcoal-based version ruined a number of light-coloured tops…

3. Easy application

In the Singapore heat, I’ve had a few cream-based and stick types purchased from overseas ‘melt’ and become too messy to use.

I also find the “crystal” versions where you moisten a stone and apply it directly very mysterious – is it on or not??

4. Travel-friendly

I travel frequently, so a deo I can easily pack along is important to me.

5. Duration

I want a deodorant I can rely on to keep me fresh for the full day after a single application in the morning.


Deodorant vs Antiperspirant:

There’s a distinction to be made between deodorant and antiperspirant:

Deodorant focuses on combating the smell; antiperspirant blocks sweat pores to reduce sweaty pits.

Initially, I was using antiperspirant until

  1. I realized there’s mixed research on the linkage between aluminum and breast cancer — no harm erring on the side of caution here
  2. More immediately, I was getting tiny blisters on my pits from the blocked ducts

And anyway, no antiperspirant is strong enough to hold up to Singapore’s brutal humidity.

So I now focus on the core issue: the smell, and deodorant works fine for that.


Stay fresh, folks. #tranquility

Let me know what’s been keeping you dry, or what’s not, in the comments!

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