Personal training with Ultimate Performance: What My 10 Weeks Looked Like.

May 20, 2019

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Disclaimer: this post is purely my own opinion. No sponsorship in any form was involved. 

I chose to sign up for personal training because I was a complete fitness noob.

Whilst I’ve been an active person all of my life, ‘fitness’ in the holistic sense (exercise, nutrition, lifestyle) is new territory for me.

In the gym, asides from the treadmill (yawn) and bouncing around on exercise balls (weee), I’ve never really used weights or equipment.

The staggering amount of literature online about ‘most effective workouts’, or ‘best meal plans for shaping up’ etc was also wayyy too much.

I had no idea what would work best for my particular body build and personal goals.

Also, I just lacked self-discipline lah.

Starting from basically zero, having someone with the expertise and stick to beat me into shape was exactly what I needed to get going.

Personal training for me was an investment in the long-term.

Not so much for the short-term results, but to gain the knowledge and habits to set me up for long-term lifestyle changes.

I signed up with Ultimate Performance because…

It’s no secret that UP fitness is not the cheapest option for personal training.

However, I saw this as an investment and UP ticked off all the right boxes for me:

  • I liked that the program was holistic and highly tailored to the individual, with support provided beyond the gym
  • You’re matched to a trainer who stays with you throughout
  • Flexibility in schedule was very important due to my constant travelling
  • Location, next to my office
  • Have to admit, their instagram of before / after photos is pretty sick

Using my credit card’s monthly installment feature also helped make the financing of this easier.


What my 10 weeks from Sept to Nov 2018 with personal training looked like:

I started meal prepping and measuring portions.

Image from iOS (2)
My new best friends. #alwayswetfromconstantuse


And tracking my meals.

Every night before falling asleep, it’s my tracker that I think of. #pillowtrack


And being “that person” who takes photos of her food.

Image from iOS (5)
My chat with my trainer. #notinstagramfood


And lifting weights for the first time.

Image from iOS (1)
Feeling pretty badass. #youraisemeup

Would I recommend personal training?

Yes; even if you’re already an active person.

I learned so much about ‘what else’ goes into building that dream bod asides from exercise.

More importantly, I learned even more about how to build that dream bod for me.

When to pause and recover, when to go hard and push on, factoring in hormones and individual body responses to certain types of foods and exercises, avoiding and working around injuries…

It’s a whole science that is easy to get lost in, and leaning on experts taught me things I would have never been able to get to on my own.

Would I recommend Ultimate Performance in particular?

Yes; with the caveat that you’ve got the budget and readiness to commit.

What impressed me:

I believe UP delivered on their promises and my initial expectations. I’ve gained a lot of practical advice that I will carry far beyond the sessions.

In addition, I also really liked that they had female trainers and a big mix of clients.

People of all ages and levels of fitness were sweating it out alongside me, and that made me feel much less noobish and self-conscious as I went from lifting 2kg weights to 10kg weights.

What I didn’t quite like:

The space can sometimes get crowded, although my trainer made sure I always had something to work with.

I also do wonder about what would have happened if my trainer and I didn’t get along (fortunately, this wasn’t the case).

After the first consultation with a coordinator, you’re matched with a trainer before being able to have that ‘first interaction’ and it wasn’t obvious how I might have been able to ask for a rematch.

Bear in mind that personal training alone is not enough.

From the very beginning, my trainer was upfront with me.

“If you really want to get serious results — just the time in the gym won’t be enough.”

On top of training 3 to 4 times a week, I was running ~6 km thrice weekly and doing yoga every weekend.

Personal training can be very effective towards achieving your goals, but it’s just one piece of the puzzle.

The other ingredients you can’t do without are commitment and nutrition.

It’s also a constant work in progress.

You can’t expect to go hard on the training, and then go hard on the french fries and expect the results to last. (Trust me, I’ve tried)

Since my training program ended, I’ve been experimenting with ways to maintain sustainable life changes which are less intense.

I might not get ripped abs in doing so, but that’s okay. I can live with okay abs and cake.

I’ll settle for the balance that I’m happiest with.


Some additional details if you’re keen on trying UP yourself:

  • Cost: approx $200 / hour session (differs by length of package, off-peak / peak hour training).
    To be fair, calculating this on an hourly rate isn’t holistic as my trainer really was available for me much more beyond that.
  • Programs start from 6 weeks to a year (assuming 3 sessions/week).
  • Training schedule: 3 to 4 times/week
  • Book your first consultation at


Let me know in the comments how your own fitness journey has been coming along.

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