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October 30, 2013

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Boxing Day 2012: Disneyland Paris!

We were singing “it’s a small world after all” for days leading up to this trip. The last time I was here, I was 6 and too short to go on the ‘big girl’ coasters. This is why I let puberty happen. I was finally able to make it on to the Space Mountain MISSION 2 roller coaster for the truly badass (never mind that the girl seated behind me was only 10). Feel like I’m properly an adult now.

Disneyland really brought back memories of being young and short. Some were not so great memories, like of how queues everywhere were so long. 15 years later, and that aspect hasn’t changed. We still had to spend at least half an hour to 2 hours to get on any ride, although there is the ‘fast pass’ system. We managed to get on 4 though! um, 3 of which I already did when I was younger. I remember the Haunted House being a lot scarier…

The Fast Pass:
The ‘fast pass’ lets you queue separately for a shorter queue time, but you can only hold onto one fast pass at any point in time and you will have a specified time to return to the queue. Nonetheless, you can expect to wait for 30 minutes to one hour. It’s free, and all you have to do is go to your ride of choice and there will be an automated kiosk for you to get your pass.

So here’s where the magic happens:

Castle at night
Castle in the daytime. The colours are so different!

This year was also Disneyland’s 20th anniversary! Wow! I’m not the only one growing up.

Disneyland is very crowded with icky kids and stressed parents

And of course there was an over-the-top Christmas theme going on. The Christmas parade was on the moment we entered the park and I very much appreciated that they even bothered to churn out fake snow over the crowds.

Oh Mickey you’re so fine

I also remembered how I always wanted a princess dress but never got one. Big, gaping hole in my childhood. My sister (5 years older) had this gorgeous Belle dress that I was waiting to grow into, but by the time I was tall enough to fit… it was too old and got thrown away. 🙁 Thanks for the tissue.

Sister said she would buy me one if I could found a dress that would fit. (Yay!!) I tried Aurora’s princess gown and Ariel’s wedding gown (haha her seashells are so inappropriate for a 12 year old). I think Ariel’s really brings out the colour of my eyes no? Gotta love the puff shoulders.

Rocking the tiara and sneaker look

This was one of the best things about Disneyland: Huge ass cotton candy!! Mmm LOVE STUFFING MY FACE IN SWEET SWEET FLUFF

Fluff eating like a sir.

Sister and I being really azn tourist with Marie kitty hats. Haha to top it off, this was a self shot taken with my big nikon (very neatly cropped the outstretched shoulder out).

Because “every body wants to be a cat”

Aristocats is one of my favorite Disney cartoons. Right up there with Fox and the Hound, Mulan and the Emperor’s New Groove. This is one of Disney’s best songs ever:


And did you know that there are two parks next to each other? Walt Disney studios + Disneyland. Walt Disney Studios is where all the serious roller coasters are, Disneyland is for pram pushers. They very clearly have different target groups. I’ll have to go back again and get on the REAL adult coasters.

Though I spent the better part of my day waiting in line and only managed to get onto a fraction of the rides, Disneyland remains a warm memory of family time for me. It is undeniable that the atmosphere is saccharine and the parades lovely to watch. It’s a lot more magical as a child though.

I wouldn’t say Disneyland is a must-see (it’s expensive at 80 euros a ticket, and takes up a whole day), but if you’ve still got that childlike wonder that gets tickled by magic and cotton candy, then you’ll probably enjoy yourself amidst the castles and princesses.

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