Indonesia, The Beaches of Nusa Lembongan

October 15, 2013

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The best bits on Nusa Lembongan were the dolphins that greeted us on arrival and on departure. 7 of them in a group cruising by, sun shining off their backs. . . What a magical moment.

I went to the island only 30 minutes away from Bali by boat with my sister and brother-in-law-to-be, as some kind of a ‘get to know your future bro’ session. We went and just chilled out, literally never left the villa save for feeding and the spa haha.

A friend Maryanne very generously lent me her canon 5D for the trip: enjoy the snaps!

Getting There
So.. If you want to go to Nusa Lembongan, it’s a flight to Denpasar airport (lots of budget carriers go there, tickets cost about $200/pax from Singapore), followed by a 30 minute boat ride from Bali to the island.

The villa we stayed at is called Villa Tranquila, offered by Nusa Lembongan Villas. It was roughly half an hour away from the ferry terminal by car, and can house 8 to 12 persons for roughly 70 – 100 USD a night. Preeetty sweet deal!

There really isn’t much to do on the island itself, we had just one spa, one bar and one restaurant  a 5 minute walk away from our place, although admittedly we were on a pretty isolated part of the island. They were all next to each other, and not cheap either. $20 onwards for spa treatments (although damn good) and about $10 SGD for a meal.

There’s a bit more activity nearer to the main beachfront close to where the ferries disembark, but it isn’t as pretty. There’s also plenty of diving, snorkeling and paragliding if you care to summon up enough energy to leave your infinity pool. Getting around would require motorbikes, though I wasn’t bothered by this haha I was happy to stay in my villa to intensively relax.

Overall, it’s a great place to go for mass chill out sessions with friends or family… and some awesome house parties.

For more information
If you want more info on logistics etc, contact my sister (who also happens to be a South Asia + South East Asian travel expert) at or see her post on Exploring Bali’s Many Faces.

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