Dublin at Christmas

October 22, 2013

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Ireland has a special place in my heart, having called it home for the better part of 2012 while I was there on exchange with the University College of Dublin.

Dublin is a wonderful place. Sure the weather is shit, but it’s alive with an underrated charm. The Irish are my favourite people anywhere in the world. Stroll into a pub and anyone will be willing to hold a conversation with you (with or without alcohol fuel). The Irish know no strangers, only friends whom they haven’t met yet. Ireland is a place you’ll visit, and leave with bits of your heart scattered all over.

These are some of the sights most familiar to me, all decked out in Christmas finery during the Winter months of 2012:
Pubs, Grafton street, St Stephen’s green, friends, cupcakes and walkabouts.
(Except for the guy studying in the pub. That’s a very uncommon sight)

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