Declutter your wardrobe: 5 ways to deal with clothes you no longer want or need

April 14, 2019

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As my family will be moving house shortly, I recently went through a huuuge overhaul of my wardrobe.

The sheer quantity of the following was staggering:

  • Number of fancy dresses I bought for ‘special occasions’ that never repeated: too many
  • Number of items still with tags on them because I was too lazy to use the (free) return service from ASOS: too many
  • Number of school orientation dry-fit shirts I was still holding on to: wayyy too many

And yet, I didn’t want or need any of these.

What to do?

Instead of just tossing everything away, depending on the quality and condition of the item, these are 5 ways I used to not only reduce excess but also reduce waste:


1. Sell with Carousell or The Fifth Collection

Carousell: a huge marketplace where people buy all sorts of seriously random things.

I don’t recommend Carousell if you’re intending to sell an item under $5 though.

Often the hassle of dealing with picky buyers and posting outweighs low-value sales, so I leave this one for you to judge.

I’ve written more extensively about how to optimize selling on Carousell here: 

Branded goods? Try consignment with The Fifth Collection.

They even arrange pick up services!

2. Swap at The Fashion Pulpit

The Fashion Pulpit is a permanent swap + store situated centrally at Liang Court and a personal favourite.

The way it works: you bring in items to trade for points and use those points to redeem what’s available in the store.

Points per item are determined by TFP’s scoring system depending on several factors like brand and judged sellability.

You can start swapping from $35 with a maximum of ten items for a one-off swap, or longer period memberships with unlimited swaps during that time (super worth it).

TFP also organizes cool workshops around the theme of sustainable fashion regularly.

Check out their Facebook page for more information:


3. Donate to support a Cause at New2U

New2U is a thrift shop at Waterloo street run by Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations (SCWO).

Proceeds from donated items goes towards SCWO activities including the running of Star Shelter, a refuge for victims of family violence.

More details here:


4. Recycle and receive H&M vouchers

Did you know that every store in H&M has a collection point for textile recycling?

This is great, because H&Ms can be found across the island, and they’ll accept textiles in any condition.

To sweeten the deal, you’ll also receive a voucher (from my hazy memory it was either $5 or $10 with a minimum purchase amount) that can be used in store.

More details here:


5. Upcycle with DIY or tailoring

If you’re feeling crafty one weekend, there are thousands of ways to upcycle your old clothes.

The one I find very satisfying is ripping up old tshirts to get ‘new’ wipes for cleaning!

Get inspired here:

Or, bring it to a professional tailor to breath some new life into your old clothes.

I recommend Mimsy Trading at the basement of Peninsula Excelsior Shopping Centre: they do good work for a fair price.

Pant alterations for example can be done for under $10.


Let me know how you’ve been decluttering in the comments!

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