Surviving Carouhell 5 Years On: Your Burning FAQs Answered

I’ve been a proud Carouseller for quite a while:

5 stars yo.

At 5 years and 3 months, Carousell is my longest relationship yet…

By now, I’ve made at least 500 sales.

With that experience, I think I’m qualified to answer a couple of FAQs.

Separately, I’ve written a guide on power selling on Carousell


1. “What sells well on Carousell?”

Honestly, anything. I’ve sold some pretty weird and random shit.

In particular, I’ve found that my broken dreams do exceptionally well.

Take for example this portable DJ set, which I listed when I finally admitted that DJ Mao would not be in Da Haus anytime soon:

This had sooo many interested parties. (pun 100% intended)


2. “Can you trust someone will turn up for a meetup?”

I don’t think I’ve ever been stood up by a Carouseller. (Tip: ask for a HP number!)

Although I did get very confused by whom to expect at a recent meetup.


I was selling a Pusheen duffel bag:

Be that cool cat in the gym.

And, according to the WhatsApp profile photo, was to expect someone who looked like this at Farrer park MRT gantry:

Anyone and everyone can be a Pusheen lover.

At the appointed time, a tiny person who barely came up to my waist approached me with eight $2 notes in her outstretched palm.

I had just sold my Pusheen bag to a 9-year-old girl. And taken her money. Without any shame.

Did I just get catfished on Carousell…?


3. “Was there a time someone wanted to return what you sold?”

Yes, but it wasn’t exactly what I was expecting….

Buy a cotton candy machine, get 2 lingerie sets for free. #greatdeal

I was absolutely mortified hahaha until now I’m still not sure how that happened.

(Ending: the 2 sets were still in their original packaging and got sold.)


4. “What do you do after a sale?”

As a seller, I’m pretty lazy. I just leave feedback.

Sometimes though, I meet buyers who also follow up with news that they’ve taken the thing I sold them, and made it better. (His name wasn’t Jude)

Seriously. Electrolysis!?


After / before. Buyer even included a fancy photo frame on this image!


5. “Can you actually make money from Carousell?”

Some businesses do thrive on Carousell but personally, I don’t see it as a way to make profits.

I just use it to exchange stuff I never use into something of greater utility, whether that’s cash or another item via trading.

Turns out I’m sitting on quite the treasure trove.

Like this portable chair I never sat on:

The $10 I sold this for fits nicely in my pocket, too.


Have your own experiences on Carousell? Let me know in the comments!

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