How to Never Pay Full Price For (Almost) Anything

My friends describe me as “lobang queen”.

Actually, they say I’m a “cheapo auntie”, but I prefer my version.

I’m well-known for never paying full price on anything, and almost always have a voucher or discount code in hand.

“So, Sonia” you may say with a hint of skepticism:

“Anything, eh? Where can you get the best deals on hotels? Manicures? Cocktails?”

Challenge accepted.

I have a number of weapons including credit cards which allow me to ‘stack’ benefits, but here are 4 must-know sites that cover most of the basics.

You’re welcome.

Disclaimer: None of the sites mentioned have paid me for this post, however referral links are included.




Shopback: Stackable cashback

Shopback is my first port-of-call for discounts as it tends to be stackable.

Many online retailers give commission to referring sites – ShopBack shares their commissions in the form of cashback to you.

So, how is Shopback’s cashback stackable?

There are several points of the online shopping process that consumers can get value.

I illustrate this with a SmartArt diagram, using the booking of a hotel through Expedia:


  • 1. From the referring site, ShopBack:
    • Cashback of up to 6% on hotels
  • 2. From the retailer, Expedia:
    • Promo code for a $50 discount
  • 3. From the payment method, credit card:
    • Rebates from paying with my Bank of China Visa

I recommend downloading the browser extension, which helpfully blinks whenever you’re on a site that offers cashback.

Check out who else is on Shopback

You may also find my earlier review of Shopback useful.



Fave: Leisure with a voucher

Fave, previously Groupon, unfairly gets a bad rep.

“$60 for a $200 massage? That’s definitely too good to be true.”

And yet, it usually is that good.

Massage and manipedi vouchers are often for first-time customers, which means I’ve encountered a wide variety.

Not all are 10/10: I’ve sat through the occasional service sales pitch over Oolong tea.

However, the risk of a crappy experience is greatly minimized with some research.

Fave has also let me spend many enjoyable weekends with friends trying out aerial yoga, escape rooms and 1 for 1 buffet deals. (yes, I did just call escape rooms enjoyable)

Overall – you get far more value than what you pay for with Fave.

Plan your next date night with Fave

#doubleup: Fave is also on Shopback. Shiok!


Chope: Eat cheap and be seated

Food is one of my great passions.

Even better when I can arrive at a restaurant and not have to wait for a seat.

Chope is great for making reservations online, in Singapore and cities across Asia like Bali and Hong Kong.

Happily, I earn points that can be converted into cash vouchers for every reservation too!

I now make it a habit to reserve via Chope whenever I’m eating out and also check for discounted vouchers (often 10% – 50% off).

(My friends now know why I’m always volunteering to plan our next meet up…)

Some restos with 50% off vouchers right now are Dancing Crab and brunchers’ favourite, Wild Honey.

Chope your seats here


Lazada: Discounted Grab rides err’ time

Although Grab’s started a discounted monthly subscription for their vouchers, I prefer only purchasing as and when required.

Lazada offers Grab vouchers in denominations of $5 to $25, instantly available for use in your email.

Whenever I need a ride, I check the price and then purchase a voucher, scoring up to a nice 13% off:

Grab your ride vouchers here


Have your own lobang weapons? Let me know in the comments!

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