Bleeding Better: Alternatives to Sanitary Pads and Tampons That Are Reliable & Sustainable

This is written as a follow up to my previous post on menstrual cups.

There’s very little more stressful or prohibitive than the fear of The Embarrassing Red Stain.

That fear has stopped me from going to the pool.

That fear has dictated when I’ll wear my favourite white pants.

That fear has even loomed over my travel itineraries to make sure I’m not on a 10-hour bus ride sans toilet on predicted days.

I got sick of that fear controlling my decisions every cycle and began to look for ways to regain my confidence 24/7, 365 days a year.


Initially combining sanitary pads and tampons (ST/Ps), I was soon unimpressed with how wasteful, expensive and unreliable they were.

Sure enough, I’ve found a better way forward.


Here are three reliable and sustainable alternatives that I’ve found to be super effective.

1. Menstrual Cup: the number 1 must-have when getting into the flow

Menstrual cups beat tampons and pads hands down on every count:

  • Safety: No risk of toxic shock syndrome (potentially fatal with tampons) with the cup, so rest easy using this even at night.
  • Reliability: Once you get the hang of it, these cups plug you up good.
    For me, even on heaviest days, I only need to empty it out twice a day vs minimum 4 with ST/Ps.
  • Durability: Made from medical grade silicone, one cup can last up to 10 years with proper care vs SP/T’s single use.
  • Comfort: As a cup holds rather than absorbs, there’s no feeling of peeing yourself. #relieving

I’ve written extensively about why you should make the switch to menstrual cups here.

I even make a surprising comparison to hamsters! Enjoy.


2. Washable Cotton Liners: for daily use

I have two sizes: small ones for light days and daily use, and longer ones for heavy days and night times.

I bought mine off Lazada:

  • Dailies: 10 pieces at $36 ($3.50 each)
  • Nightlies: 5 pieces at $17.99 ($3.60 each)

Just one thing – whilst these Lazada ones are very reasonably priced, the designs I received are butt ugly (hah, see what I did there).

But(t) whatevs.

More importantly, they’ve been great gatekeepers of the red sea and have never let me bleed through my PJs.

Plus, they’re easy to wash with the usual ‘soak and launder’ routine.

That being said, on heavy days I would use them with the cup for greater peace of mind.


3. Period Panties: not to be confused with granny panties!

I got my set from Thinx and I love how pretty they are, on top of being comfy!

Together with the liners, I feel extra-safe with the additional protection offered by these.

For lighter days, I’m confident enough to go with just these minus the liners.

With Thinxthong series, any time of the month is a good time for donning on those tight white pants.

Hell yea I’m down for an 80’s themed disco party any day!


Let me know if you found even better alternatives in the comments!

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