5 Things You Can’t Travel Without

About to leave home to steep yourself in the delight of shared showers and 16-men dorm rooms? Can never sleep on the plane because you always have the fortune of being seated next to babies with healthy lungs? Reckon you’ll be taking budget flights that depart/arrive just before sunrise?

Fret not. Here are my top 5 things you should never leave home without, no matter where you’re going, be it the tropics for a boozy frolic in the sun or Iceland for a gala ball (or to ‘chill out’, hurhur). If you’re going to be traveling on anything less than first class, you’re going to find some welcome relief in these five buddies.

1. Sleeping Kit (eyemask, ear plugs, inflatable neck pillow)

With these, you can snooze anywhere. 16-men dorms, dodgy overnight bus rides from Bosnia to Croatia, 10am flights surrounded by chatting aunties… You name it, these three have tided me through it all. I even came up with a catchy name for the trio: ‘Da Sleeping Kit’.

Doesn't bunny look snug as a bug?
Doesn’t bunny look snug as a bug?

2. Quilt cover

A sleeping bag’s too bulky, so this will do for when you need a cat nap in the airport while waiting for your 5am ryanair flight. Packing your own is also a great way to minimize bed bug bites from hostel bedding with questionable cleanliness. Quilt covers do best because you can slip in between the sheets. Like slipping into a pocket of comfy and clean!

Pretend you aren’t in bed alone on your more desperate nights of solo travel. Photo credit: lazyboneuk.com
This will certainly make for a great conversation starter at the airport. Photo credit: dealsdirect.com.au

 3. Notebook and Pen

Because you never know when you might want to take someone’s lunch recommendation down or scribble some on-the-go poetry. I recommend a pocket-sized notebook – the one I used was about palm-sized. My notebook was filled with all manner of awesomeness – emails, directions, names of places I have to return to, doodles…

Fit all that awesomeness in your pocket! Photo credit: qualitylogoproducts.com

4. Flip flops

You want to leave a shower without bonus warts on your big toe. Never leave without these humble feet shields.

flip flop straps. May (8)
Awwyea, let’s practice some protected showering

5. Facial wipes

The best damn thing ever. Not only gets makeup off your face without needing soap and water, these wipes let you get away with not showering for a couple of days whilst still smelling (reasonably) fresh and flowery. Best for overnight music festivals, 12 hour train rides and the just plain lazy (me).

Hey look! It’s the portable shower-in-a-packet! Photo credit: thebodyshop-usa.com

Certainly plenty more could be added, like passport and flight ticket, but you don’t a blog to tell you about those.

If you’ve got your own travel ‘can’t leave home without it’ buddy that isn’t often thought of, let me know and I might expand this list! 🙂

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